Hospice -vs- Home Health Benefits

Our services are covered 100% by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans.

Hospice Home Health
Eligibility Life expectancy of six months or less, elects palliative care.

Homebound Status Does Not Apply

Patient MUST be homebound with a skilled need.
Skilled Nursing Covered in full Medicare does not mandate maximum or minimum hours of service. Like home health, hours depend on patient need. Covered in full Nursing must be intermittent or part-time. Maximum 35 hours a week of combined skilled nursing and home health aide hours.
HHA (dressing, toileting, feeding) Covered in Full Covered in full when accompanied by skilled need*.
Skilled Therapy Covered in Full Covered in Full
Physician Services Covered in full Regular Part B co-insurance and deductible for non-hospice attending/consulting physician. Covered under Part B Benefits: $100 deductible, 20% co-insurance for doctors who take assignment.
Homemaking Services
Covered in Full Not Covered
Out-patient Drugs Covered if related to pain and symptom management. Not covered with rare exceptions
Medical Supplies Covered in Full Covered as approved in plan of care except for drugs and biologicals.
DME Covered in Full Covered: 20% co-insurance
Nutritionist Covered in Full Not Covered
Social Services Covered in Full Covered in Full
Bereavement Services Covered in Full Not Covered
Pastoral Care Covered in Full Not Covered
Respite Care Covered in Full Not Covered
Continuous Nursing Covered for medical crisis. Not Covered
Curative Treatment Not covered for terminal condition. Covered for unrelated conditions. Covered
Palliative Care Covered in Full Not Covered
Volunteer Included in hospice plan of care
Volunteers can help with chores, attending and providing companion services.
Not Covered
General In-Patient Care Covered when medically necessary. Covered when medically necessary.

*For hours approved in plan of care.

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